Butterfly Silver

Butterfly Silver commissioned Project Shopfit to design and create a retail experience that tied in directly with the quality and style of their product range.


Butterfly Silver was founded with style and originality in mind. With a passion for product they are constantly on the lookout for great design. In the last few years this has led to more and more of the products being designed in-house, making the range completely unique with a huge number of styles to choose from.

Quality is another primary focus of Butterfly Silver. The use of only high quality, graded metals is paramount through all our ranges and styles.


Our client requested a style that reflects what their company represents and sells. A unique arrangement of display cabinetry that differs from your standard jewellery store.


To incorporate the look and style of their sales items into their displays and logo. Project Shopfit used highly polished stainless steel for the finished framework of the glass display cabinets with graphics stemming from the patterns on the wings of butterflies

Butterfly Silver